About Phoebe!

Wow! That’s me on stage, talking about what I’m passionate about: technology and people. And yes, I forgot my hat.

My name is Phoebe and I’m so pleased you browsed to this page!

I live in the world of the machines that make the cloud run: servers, storage, networks and platforms. When I started in IT, the cloud was a myth, a legend, a vague phrase used to indicate that systems were abstracted. Developers and Operations teams sat on different floors of buildings! I have a passion for bringing people together and building solutions that help us all be more effective and generally happier people. I care about not just technology, but how we as people can learn to harness its full potential.

I currently work as a Cloud Architect for NetApp. My opinions on this blog are mine alone, and boy do I have a lot of them. Most of my thoughts make it to Twitter or Instagram in some shape or form, so if you’d like to chat please reach out to me there!

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